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  • Patient Consent in Clinical Negligence Cases

    On 5th June 2015, Philip Turton will be speaking to the Royal College of Anaesthetists on the subject of Patient Consent in Clinical Negligence cases. Philip has a growing clinical negligence practice, with experience in a number of consent cases, and was invited to speak at the college by Dr Rajesh Muglani, following a seminar held by the Liverpool Law Society in November 2014. Further information about Philip's experience in this field can be provided by the clerks in Chambers, Tony Hill or Alan Odiam.

  • Barrister of the Year 2015

    Philip Turton was named 'Barrister of the Year 2015' at the Nottinghamshire Law Society Awards Dinner on Friday 20th March 2015.

    Below is an edited extract from the tribute to Phil paid by Richard Nelson, President of the Nottinghamshire Law Society:

    "Tonight’s recipient is a brilliant, talented and articulate lawyer, accurately described as “Totally professional,” and yet he is so infinitely more.

    As a young boy, when the world was in sepia, he attended Nottingham High School. Since 1990 he has been a voluntary advisor at the Hyson Green Law Centre. He served on the Nottingham Bar Mess committee for many years.

    Respected academically, the Bar Standards Board appointed him as external moderator for the Civil Litigation course and, together with Marc Howe, he set about reformulating the syllabus. He has lectured annually on the Bar Professional Training Course both at Nottingham Trent University and Kaplan Law School in London. He has even lectured on the Law of Tort at the University of Darwin in Australia.

    He has been a constant, enthusiastic and eloquent participant in the “Speakers for Schools” programme.

    Jessica Hope Gauntley was a beautiful, courageous, and wonderful young woman who died of a brain tumour in 2013. She was 16. To mark our recipient turning 50, he set himself the challenge of running ten Half and two full Marathons to raise money for the foundation that bears Jessica’s name. Somehow, and we have never received a satisfactory explanation for this, he fractured his shoulder in the process and yet he continued undeterred. To date he has raised over £5,000.

    When the popular press demonise lawyers they perhaps ought to look at tonight’s recipient. Generous, modest, warm, charismatic, charming, philanthropic, altruistic, sincere and utterly deserving – PHIL TURTON."

  • Court of Appeal Decision Handed Down in Vicarious Liability Case

    Court of Appeal decision handed down in the case of Paul Graham -v- Commercial Bodyworks Ltd [2015] EWCA Civ 47 yesterday Thursday 5th February 2015.

    The claimant was badly burned when a work colleague threw/sprayed thinners over him and applied a cigarette lighter. The claim was successfully defended at first instance and on appeal. At first instance the allegations at common law and under the various statutory provisions concerning the use and management of thinners and training and control of employees failed. No appeal. Primary battle ground vicarious liability. The employer was not vicariously liable for the acts of the assailant. There was not a sufficiently close connection between the work and that which occurred. Article to follow.

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