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Winding-up Petitions

If you are owed £750 or more by a company and are able to prove that the company cannot pay you, you may be able to apply to court to close or “wind-up” the company.

Our barristers can advise you on the process of issuing a winding-up petition and represent you at the hearing. If you are a company which has had a winding-up petition issued against you, our barristers can also advise you on the process of defending it and represent you at the court hearing.


Timescales for our services may vary depending on factors such as your barrister’s availability, the complexity of the matter, the need for additional documents and court waiting times. As a guide, the courts tend to have a hearing date eight to ten weeks after a winding-up petition is issued.


All Direct Access work is to be paid privately, in advance of the work being undertaken. We will agree a fixed fee for each item of work and there will be no charge until the fee is agreed. Your barrister will contact you to let you know what documentation and information is required to enable them to provide a price. Work will commence after payment has been received.

Below we provide estimates based on the ranges of fixed fees for barristers at Ropewalk Chambers for the most common items of work in this type of case.

The fixed fees quoted below may vary depending on your needs. For example, your fees may be at the higher end of the range if you need a more experienced barrister and / or the matter is more complex. If the matter is particularly complex, or if there is a lot of documentation, your fees may also be higher than the estimates below.

The fees quoted below are exclusive of VAT.

If you are issuing a winding-up petition, you should also note that even if the company is wound up, you might not get all or any of the money you are owed.

Stage of caseRanges of
fixed fees
Advice on issuing or defending a winding-up petition£500 – £1,500
Assistance with completion of forms and necessary steps to take£500 – £750
Preparation for and attendance at court hearing£750 – £2,000

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