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Costs & Litigation Funding

We understand that what was once considered to be little more than an adjunct to litigation has evolved into a separate, discrete area of law where specialist knowledge is essential.

We have an outstanding Costs and Litigation Funding Team which regularly acts on behalf of both paying and receiving parties, under solicitors’ and costs organisations’ instruction, in proceedings in all types of litigation, ranging from personal injury to, increasingly, commercial litigation.

We have a depth of knowledge, with many barristers being well known in other areas of work, which enables a breadth of experience to be brought to bear in a multi-disciplinary approach, allowing us to meet all levels of requirement.

We offer advice, drafting services and representation across the spectrum of costs work, including CFA’s and CCFA’s, budgeting, non-contentious advisory work, funding arrangements, non-party costs and wasted costs, inter partes disputes and regulatory issues.

The work of our Costs and Litigation Funding Team now frequently goes beyond the traditional costs area of personal injury and we are increasingly asked to assist in the costs aspects of commercial and property cases.

We have appeared in some of the leading costs cases to appellate level and in the costs aspects of a range of group actions.

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