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Serious Injury

We have considerable experience of dealing with claims for catastrophic injury. This includes, in particular, spinal injury and brain injury but also claims involving loss of a limb and fatal accident cases.

Our experienced barristers are well aware of the collaborative approach which is required in respect of such claims. Leading counsel, senior juniors and, where necessary, teams of counsel will work with solicitors for Claimants or insurers to ensure that the complex expert evidence which is a central part of such claims is carefully marshalled.

We can provide expert advice and representation at every stage of the claim, whether that involves an early and authoritative assistance with liability issues, dealing with interim payments, case management, drafting of Schedules, representation at settlement meetings / ADR and, where necessary, robust representation at trial and on appeal.

We are well-versed in all aspects of accommodation, pensions, accounting, care, rehabilitation, local authority funding and periodical payment orders.

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