By instructing us, you will receive more than just advice and representation; you will secure consistently excellent oral and written advocacy, delivered with the highest levels of service and integrity from barristers who understand the principle that business needs clear, cost effective and speedy solutions to legal problems.

We assist a range of clients, from individuals, partnerships and small businesses to multi-national corporations, with instructions received from professional clients and by Direct Access. The depth of experience in our Commercial Team allows us to meet all levels of requirement, with every single case being given the care and attention it deserves.

We work with our clients on all aspects of business arrangements, both contentious and non-contentious, including:

We advise and represent across the range of financial matters, including:

Our professional negligence work includes claims involving:

Mediation is often considered an appropriate forum for dispute resolution in commercial disputes. We have experience in this environment and are tactically adept in our approach to achieving settlement. We also have a team of trained mediators, together with our excellent facilities here, help to provide an efficient and cost effective resolution to commercial disputes.

We are committed to the principle of knowledge sharing, ensuring that you and your clients always have access to the latest and best advice. Please contact Tony Hill or Alan Odiam if you would like to discuss seminars, workshops or any other training requirements.

Commercial Barristers


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