Philip Turton speaks on the subject of Liability for Injuries in Sport. In this presentation Philip, one of the co-authors of “Football and the Law” (Bloomsbury Professional, 2022), covers the circumstances in which liability for injury can arise on and around the field of play, including liability between players, of officials and of teams when unintended injury transpires.


  • Trespass to the Person – When Players Assault Each Other
  • Injury Through Negligence – The Duty of Care
  • Vicarious Liability for Player Conduct
  • Liability for Injury to Spectators
  • Liability of Sporting Regulators
  • Liability for Players on International Duty
  • Concussion in Rugby and other Sports
  • Abusive Coaching Practices

This webinar is part of our series Personal Injury Litigation Webinars 2023.