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Richard Seabrook will address the procedural hurdles, and evidential opportunities and the limitations of expert evidence and consider how and where it can and can’t be used to elicit expert opinion evidence in relation to the causes of RTAs.

We are delighted to be co-presenting this webinar with TRL. TRL is a team of expert scientists, engineers and specialists working together with clients and partners to create the future of transport. Established in 1933 as the UK government’s Road Research Laboratory, the renamed TRL was privatised in 1996 and today has more than 1000 clients in many countries.

Simon Lane is part of TRL’s Expert Witness team, regularly taking instructions from Solicitors, Insurers and Police relating to road traffic accident and personal injury matters. During his talk, Simon will give an overview of TRL and his work, before focussing on a specific topic in which liability is often hotly contested – visibility from large vehicles and the role this plays in collisions.

TRL have developed methods for mapping visibility from vehicles, which have been used successfully in Court to demonstrate what could and could not have been available to be seen by a driver. Simon will demonstrate the outputs of this, and its implications for both the driver and the road user coming into collision with the vehicle. He’ll also outline how these methods have been utilised by Transport for London as part of their new Direct Vision Standard.

Topics Covered

  • Applications for this type of evidence – how, when and on what basis.
  • The restrictions and limitations.
  • The evidential opportunities that arise.
  • How expert evidence may (or may not) improve your client’s prospects.
  • About TRL
  • TRL expert witness & investigations overview
  • Team
  • Services
  • Experience
  • Case lifecycle
  • Visibility from large vehicles
  • Overview of common issues
  • Visibility assessments
  • Demo
  • Liability implications
  • Links with other technology
  • Transport for London’s Direct Vision Standard